Press Releases / 25.12.2019

Press Release as of 25.12.2019

Largest Russian company

AK&M rating Agency presents the second rating of social efficiency of the largest Russian companies.

To compile the rating, the Agency used open data of companies for 2018 – annual reports, reports on sustainable development, consolidated financial statements, as well as data obtained from the organizations themselves through questionnaires. 35 companies participated in the rating.

The purpose of the rating is to show companies that bring maximum benefit to society with minimal impact on the environment and find a balance between the burden of enterprises on the environment and their positive impact on society.

The result of the rating was a ranked list of companies based on the assessment of the company's social performance. It was calculated using two groups of indicators:

- social impact of the activity (the amount of payments to the budget, for charitable purposes, environmental protection costs, employee benefits, taking into account the coefficient of labor force involvement)

- environmental loads (volume of air, water, solid waste, adjusted for the level of waste toxicity)

The result of the calculations is the indicator-social efficiency of the company (the ratio of the social effect indicator to the indicator of the load on the environment).

By ranking companies by the final indicator, a rating of social efficiency was built.

The rating showed that there are significant differences in the utility of existing companies for society. Infrastructure companies, especially Telecom operators, are of the greatest importance to society. Most oil companies also have high social returns.

Mining companies have the lowest utility for society. Here, the high burden on the environment is not compensated by the contribution of companies to social development.

The leader of the rating, as a year ago, were the following companies: MTS, Rostelecom and Russian networks.

Tatneft Group became the most socially effective company in the oil and gas industry, pipe metallurgical company became the best among metallurgical companies, as a year ago, rosseti is the leader among energy companies, SIBUR holding is the leader in the list of the most socially effective companies in the chemical industry, and MTS was the first among companies in the engineering, communications, transport and multi-industry sectors.

RATING RESULTS 2019 (in Russian)