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Company For Banks - License number IIN Rating Type For the bonds - number Scale Value SubLevel Forecast Last Release Date
Bank «NNN» 0000 0000000000 Bank, credit rating A++ 3 Stable 17.07.2013
Company «ZZZ» 0000 0000000000 Investment and Management Company, Reliability rating A+ 3 Stable 17.07.2013
... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
The data in this table are for illustration only and do not correspond to reality.
As a separator in the TXT file using the symbol "". File encoding windows-1251.

			<name>Bank «NNN»</name>
			<rating_type>Bank, credit rating</rating_type>
			<rating_info>№ 3213</rating_info>
		<category id="1">Companies</category>
		<category id="2">Banks</category>
		<category id="3">...</category>
File charset utf-8.