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OJSC Bank «Zapadny»



Rating TypeNationalTierOutlookDate*
Bank, credit ratingОтозван21.04.2014

*Date of assignment or revision of the rating

Rating Actions

CJSC AK&M Rating Agency withdraws the 'A' national scale credit rating of OJSC Bank Zapadny following banking license withdrawal (Order of the Bank of Russia as of 04/21/2014).
CJSC AK&M Rating Agency has withdrawn the 'A' national scale credit rating (stable outlook) of OJSC Bank Zapadny, after the Bank's license for banking operations was recalled (Order of the Bank of Russia no. OD-766 dated 04/21/2014). 03.07.2013
CJSC AK&M Rating Agency upgraded the credit rating assigned to OJSC Bank Zapadny (license no. 2598) as per the national scale from ‘B++’ to ‘A’. The outlook is stable.
The ‘A’ rating indicates that The rating action is motivated by the persisting positive trends in the Bank’s development. We also appreciate the low concentration of liabilities across the groups of depositors, improvements in the asset st The Bank’s equity capital growth r11.04.2012
CJSC AK&M Rating Agency confirmed the ‘B++' credit rating (positive outlook) assigned to OJSC Bank Zapadny as per the national scale.
    The ‘B++' rating indicates that OJSC Bank Zapadny is qualified as a sufficiently reliable borrower (the highest sub-grade of the ‘B' grade). Risk of a delay in meeting liabilities is moderate, restructuring risk for the loan / part of the loan is insignificant. Th01.07.2011